Corallorhiza trifida

ClassificationFlowering Plants
Family (Traditional)Orchidaceae
SpeciesCorallorhiza trifida Ch√Ętel.
Common NameEarly coral root
Growth HabitForb
Plant Notes**
C value 10
StatusNative, Extirpated, FACW- (NWPL)

** Not applicable or data not available.

Subspecies and Varieties

Not applicable or data not available.


SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Corallorhiza corallorhiza Corallorhiza corallorhiza MacMillan  
Corallorhiza innata Corallorhiza innata  
Corallorhiza trifida var. verna Corallorhiza trifida var. verna (Nutt.) Fernald  
Corallorhiza wyomingensis Corallorhiza wyomingensis  
Corallorrhiza corallorrhiza Corallorrhiza corallorrhiza Karst.  
Corallorrhiza trifida Corallorrhiza trifida  
Corallorrhiza trifida var. verna Corallorrhiza trifida var. verna  

Specimens and Distribution

No specimens exist for this species.