Coeloglossum viride var. virescens

ClassificationFlowering Plants
Family (Traditional)Orchidaceae
SpeciesCoeloglossum viride (L.) Hartman var. virescens (Muhl. ex Willd.) Luer
Common NameBracted green orchid; Long-bracted green-orchid
Growth HabitForb
Plant Notes**
C value 7
StatusNative, Threatened-State, FAC (NWPL)

** Not applicable or data not available.

Subspecies and Varieties

Not applicable or data not available.


SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Coeloglossum bracteatum Coeloglossum bracteatum (Muhl. ex Willd.) Parl.  
Coeloglossum viride subsp. bracteatum Coeloglossum viride subsp. bracteatum (Muhl. ex Willd.) Hultén  
Habenaria bracteata Habenaria bracteata (Muhl. ex Willd.) R. Br. ex Ait. f.  
Habenaria viridis var. bracteata Habenaria viridis var. bracteata (Muhl. ex Willd.) Reichenb. ex Gray  

Specimens and Distribution

No specimens exist for this species.