Rubus idaeus var. strigosus

ClassificationFlowering Plants
Family (Traditional)Rosaceae
SpeciesRubus idaeus L. var. strigosus (Michx.) Maxim.
Common NameRed raspberry
Growth HabitShrub
Plant Notes**
C value 4
StatusNative, FACW- (NWPL)

** Not applicable or data not available.

Subspecies and Varieties

Not applicable or data not available.


SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Batidea acalyphacea Batidea acalyphacea  
Rubus carolinianus Rubus carolinianus Rydb.  
Rubus idaeus subsp. melanolasius Rubus idaeus subsp. melanolasius (Dieck) Focke  
Rubus idaeus subsp. sachalinensis Rubus idaeus subsp. sachalinensis (Levl.) Focke  
Rubus idaeus subsp. strigosus Rubus idaeus subsp. strigosus (Michx.) Focke  
Rubus idaeus var. aculeatissimus Rubus idaeus var. aculeatissimus Regel & Tiling  
Rubus idaeus var. canadensis Rubus idaeus var. canadensis Richards.  
Rubus idaeus var. gracilipes Rubus idaeus var. gracilipes M.E. Jones  
Rubus idaeus var. melanolasius Rubus idaeus var. melanolasius (Dieck) R.J. Davis  
Rubus idaeus var. melanotrachys Rubus idaeus var. melanotrachys (Focke) Fern.  
Rubus idaeus var. strigosus Rubus idaeus var. strigosus (Michx.) Maxim.  
Rubus melanolasius Rubus melanolasius Dieck  
Rubus neglectus Rubus neglectus Peck  
Rubus strigosus Rubus strigosus Michx.  
Rubus strigosus var. acalyphaceus Rubus strigosus var. acalyphaceus (Greene) Bailey  
Rubus strigosus var. arizonicus Rubus strigosus var. arizonicus (Greene) Kearney & Peebles  
Rubus strigosus var. canadensis Rubus strigosus var. canadensis (Richards.) House  

Specimens and Distribution

No specimens exist for this species.