Oryzopsis asperifolia

ClassificationFlowering Plants
Family (Traditional)Poaceae
SpeciesOryzopsis asperifolia Michx.
Common NameRough-leaved rice grass
Growth HabitGrass
Plant Notes**
C value 10
StatusNative, Endangered-State, UPL (NWPL)

** Not applicable or data not available.

Subspecies and Varieties

Not applicable or data not available.


SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Oryzopsis aspera Oryzopsis aspera Michx. ex Muhl.  
Oryzopsis leucosperma Oryzopsis leucosperma Link ex Walp.  
Oryzopsis mutica Oryzopsis mutica Link  
Urachne asperifolia Urachne asperifolia (Michx.) Trin.  
Urachne leucosperma Urachne leucosperma Link  
Urachne mutica Urachne mutica (Link) Steud.  

Specimens and Distribution

No specimens exist for this species.